Montessori Plus School

Montessori Plus School is a place where the hand opens the mind. Children love to come to see our schools and all of the beautiful, brightly-colored learning materials, which are designed to meet their inner needs and desire to learn. Not only can the children see the learning materials, but they also may actually use them and teach themselves under the guidance of a trained Montessori teacher.

We also believe, "whatever a child can do for himself, he should be allowed to do." This means that the adult must observe the child and be ready to allow him to try to "do it himself." The child discovers that he "can do it!" His wonderful independence and self-confidence grow and develop in our schools.

Over the past four decades, our teachers have diligently "assisted" hundreds of young children to reach toward their full potential. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children are treated with deep respect and dignity in our mixed-age classrooms. When they are respected, the children feel confident to choose their own work, concentrate for good lengths of time, and enjoy learning.

At Montessori Plus School, we are very fortunate to employ dedicated staff, teachers, and interns from many countries, who are trained in Montessori philosophy and who embraces our vision. 


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