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As self-construction and development are integral to the methods of kindergarten education in the Montessori way, the Montessori Plus School focuses on the sensitive periods of a child’s development. These formative years are essential to a child’s growth, which is why the Montessori preschool education at Montessori Plus School is so crucial in raising a child to cultivate their self-discovery. The methods are timeless and the benefits are lasting, Montessori Plus School is here you serve you and your children.

Finally, the Plus aspect of the Montessori Plus School takes into account an integral portion of the Montessori philosophy of education; Christianity. The Christian world view is paramount to values held by a Montessori school, and Montessori Plus School works hard to reflect that world view in practice and how they view their students.

Come visit the Montessori Plus School and see how a Montessori school functions for the benefit and development of its students. Montessori principles have guided the methods of teachers around the world to produce happy, healthy well rounded adults. Let the Montessori Plus School achieve this for your child. 


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